Preventing Cancer

cancerLast year we have published a preliminary article on cancer related issues with regards to intranasal light therapy. We have conducted more research into this and now we have put together more comprehensive evidence for this complex subject of the effects of intranasal light therapy on cancer.

Over the past several years with thousands of regular users of intranasal light therapy there were not any reports or complaints claiming that our therapy caused cancer. It is also worth noting that none of our users have been afflicted with this condition to the best of our knowledge. This, of course, is not a valid proof that this technology helps with cancer related conditions. Let us take a look at the scientific evidence which has been posted on the abovementioned web page.

The very first statement that we would like to make is intranasal light therapy does NOT in any way cause cancer. It has been demonstrated by anumber of scientific studies. If there is some of sort tumor in the nasal cavity area most likely it will help neutralize it rather than stimulate it.

The next point to make is that this therapy seems to be particularly good for systemic prevention of cancer. These processes of restoring oxidants and antioxidants balance, the redox signaling, stimulation of T cells for removing potential cancer cells are biomechanical processes that help prevent cancer. Needless to say that this does not undermine the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle through healthy nutrition and regular exercises.

There is another modality called 'photodynamic therapy' which is better suited for treating cancer tumors directly yet intranasal light therapy has been credited for alleviation of pain and chronic fatigue associated with both metastasized cancer and conventional cancer therapies such as chemo- and radiotherapy.

The 'carpet bombing' methods used in conventional cancer therapies destroy white blood cells leaving patients highly vulnerable to new infections. Intranasal light therapy has the ability to proliferate white blood cells, which also means that this could be a low cost and effective tool in helping to recover or rehabilite after undergoing conventional cancer treatment therapies.

Just look around and you will see that a large number of deaths of family members and friends are directly or indirectly are attributed to cancer. There are cancer cells that already present in our bodies and they are being regulated by a healthy immune system. It takes an imbalanced homeostasis to set loose those cancer cells, which can be triggered by cigarette smoking, absorption of toxic substances, certain viral infection, or any other points in a long list of cancer-causing circumstances. Carcinogenic effects of many of these can be successfully neutralized with a regular use of intranasal light therapy.