Helping HIV/AIDS Patients

A few HIV/AIDS patients and other patients who have a low white blood cell count syndrome have responded very well to the treatment with our intranasal light therapy devices. Read the evidence on the MedicLights webpage on HIV. Thanks, Nathan, MaRS for giving us the recognition in your blog post!

Below is is the chart of Shane's CD4* count:

Please visit the evidence webpage to find out what this chart on CD4*T count means.

There is a sufficient array of evidence and understanding of the biomechanism behind this technology's success when treating compromised immune systems. The key is in the signalling that is created by the light illumination resulting in enhanced effectiveness of the immune system in dealing with immune problems. One of these effects is the proliferation of white blood cells that include the CD4*T cells.

In order to have sufficient credibility it will need to be supported by a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study which is the next step in this process.

Meanwnile we avail of this opportunity to inform HIV patients of a possible reversal of their condition with this low cost solution. We can offer this device at a lower cost to HIV patients to make sure they do not miss on this opportunity. In return we want to be kept informed of the results of their subsequent bloodwork results. With this supporting data, we may be able to persuade relevant parties to provide us with support in conducting necessary medical studies.