Complementing Cancer Therapy

Nobody can seriously claim that there is a miraculous cure for all forms of cancer unless they can somehow suppress delinquent cell growth.

Having said that we can certainly say that intranasal light therapy stimulates human body's immune systems. Researches conducted in China show evidence that this therapy stimulates and proliferates T lymphocytes and natural killer (NK) cells which constitute the backbone of your immune system that puts a check on unregulated cell growth that can lead to cancer.

Even if intranasal light therapy does not cure cancer per se it definitely helps in two ways:

  • Prevention i.e. by keeping NK T cell numbers up and active.
  • Helps with recovery from traditional cancer therapies such as chemotherapy that would have obliterated these natural warrior cells.

Learn more on how to strengthen your cancer fighting immune system - that too is related to staying younger and healthier.



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