Cancer and Intranasal Light Therapy

Although laser and non-laser versions of intranasal light therapy devices could cause problems for nose cancer and leukemia, it is just a precaution because we haven't dealt with any type of nose cancser. For a patient who was having leukemia and wanted to try the device, the short treatment of just one week with a Vielight device showed no change of condition until the testers decided to pull out of the test for fear of the unknown.

Here’s what has been published by other researchers. Experiments on rats have shown that small tumours treated with laser therapy may recede and completely disappear, although laser therapy had no effect on tumours of certain sizes.[1] The local immune system is probably stimulated more than the tumour. [2] [3] Notwithstanding these positive results, I would leave the work to treat tumours to respective specialists; and would be happy to know that at least in the worst case scenario for most cancers, the therapy does no harm.


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