Lowering High Cholesterol

You've got to hand it Pfizer. Their Lipitor to treat high cholesterol has been the top selling prescription drug for as long as many people can remember. There are arguments out there telling you how bad it is (as with all statins). But who am I to say anything against the product of hundreds of millions in development?

My mission now is to advocate Intranasal Light Therapy, and I do know what THIS therapy can do. So just because you can spend a fortune by being dependent on a popular drug; it doesn't necessarily mean that what's cheap like the Intranasal Light Therapy device, is no good. If there are people who also swears that this light technology also brings down LDL cholesterol (the bad guys), why should anyone berate this (actually I was spurred into writing this by a tweet - pun definitely not intended - it's "tweet" as in "twitter")?

I can speak from personal experience as a former high cholesteroller. But more importantly, studies testing the effect of blood irradiation therapies (including intranasal light therapy) conclude that this light therapy (based on low level laser) does being down LDL to a lower level, even in some cases, without lowering HDL cholesterol (the good guys). In one study, 75% of the patients experienced a reduction in cholesterol. Check out the article on "Lowering High LDL Blood Cholesterol with Intranasal Light Therapy". Perhaps it didn't work on everyone. But the percentage is enticing enough, and given the low cost and the absence of any side effect, I know which method I would choose, as I do now.