High Cholesterol

Everyone would agree that high cholesterol levels is a public concern, yet we should also be concerned with high levels of lipids i.e. hyperlipidemia. Lipids are fats in the blood that contain both cholesterols and triglyceride. Both low density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol and triglyceride are crucial risk factors contributing to heart attacks and strokes, so it is equally important that hyperlipidemia should urgently be addressed and dealt with.

Statins are a commonly prescribed class of medications used to control high cholesterol level. However, they are not cheap and they have a number of side effects such as muscle pain, muscle weakness and malfunctioning of nerves in both your fingers and toes. In some cases people may experience a memory loss.

Intranasal light therapy is an effective, convenient and natural way to lower high cholesterol levels. It is a low, one-time investment that has no side effects. In one of studies scientists randomly split 30 patients with hyperlipidemia into two groups, 15 were put in a group that received pharmaceutical drugs, and other 15 patients were in another group that was treated with low level laser intranasal light therapy for 45 minutes each time. The treatment was applied daily for seven continuous days and then after a 5-day break it continuted for another seven days in a row. What they found is that the intranasal therapy induced a significant decrease in total cholesterol levels. The decrease was less than the one induced by medications, but this type of treatment has no implications that usually come with the use of medications.[i]

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